“As  a diabetic and a nurse I understand some of the complications associated with  this disease, one of which is abnormal skin dryness of the hands and feet because of  poor circulation.  Many cosmetic and over-the-counter products have not worked  very well.  I use PHLODERM® just once or twice a day and have found what I’ve  been looking for – a cream that applies easily, lubricates and moisturizes the  skin, especially my feet.  In some more  difficult areas I applied it more frequently with amazing results.  PHLODERM® is  an excellent product which I will continue to use and recommend to others.”  –Tara S., diabetic & nurse

“I  have had cracked heels for some time now which has made it painful to perform  up to my potential as an offensive lineman on the football field.  I’ve tried a  number of different creams and lotions without any improvement.  I recently  tried PHLODERM®.  It was great!  In just a  short period of time the skin on my feet was healthier and the cracks disappeared.  PHLODERM® is a great product and I recommend it to anyone, including my  teammates.”  –Dan Comiskey, Edmonton Eskimos

“As  a result of a rejection problem after a bone marrow transplant to cure acute  leukemia, I was left with very dry, flaky, fragile skin on my lower legs.  I  have tried many skin care ceams and lotions over the past 11 years to ease this  situation, but nothing has really helped the problem.  A month ago I discovered  PHLODERM® and, after 1 week of using it only once a day after bathing, the  change in my skin condition was dramatic.  It is now soft and supple with no  flakiness or itching at all.  I highly  recommend this product to anyone with a dry or damaged skin problem, and also  state that using it after washing seems to be the best as it does seem to be  absorbed into the skin better.”  — Helen B.

“Add another use to your list.  I have a thirty-year-old skin graft which peels and cracks all the time.  I have spent thousands of  dollars over the years trying to find something that works.  I asked the pharmacist  at London Drugs to recommend something, and he gave me a free sample of phloderm yesterday.  Today I got the tube……..this stuff really works!!  In fact, it is  better than anything I have tried in all these years.  Bravo, and thank  you for making something that works that does not cost a fortune.”  –Pat P.

“For years, I was plagued with extremely dry skin, especially on my legs and feet.  My heels would be so dry that they would crack, ruining a pair of pantyhose after just one wear.  I experimented with all kinds of creams and remedies, including sleeping in a pair of socks with my feet slathered in cream.  Nothing worked, until I tried PHLODERM®.   After just three treatments of PHLODERM®, my feet, legs and especially my heels, were softer and smoother.  Just two or three treatments of PHLODERM® a week is now enough to keep my skin smooth and silky soft.”  — Lorraine

“I tried it (PHLODERM®) on my hands and elbows only once a day, and within 3 to 4 days maximum, old dry skin was gone and my hands and elbows felt great.”  — Rob

“I used this cream on my heels which were rough & cracked.  After three applications, there is a noticeable difference in the condition of my skin – much improvement.”  — Liz

“I had to let you know how happy I am with this cream.  I have always had problems with my skin.  My feet have had cracks in them so bad that they have sometimes bled and were very painful.  When I first tried this cream I was skeptical, but in two weeks time I could notice a significant improvement and by 4 weeks my feet were completely healed.  That was two months ago and my feet are still in great shape.  My skin is so highly allergic to most skin care products that I was reluctant to use it on my face.  It has been four weeks that I have been using it on my face and my skin has never looked better.  Thank you for providing a product that those of us with “problem” skin can use with confidence.”  — Rhonda

“I quite like using your cream.  The consistency is excellent, and lasts longer than other creams/lotions I’ve used (my hands remain moist for a long time).” — Cara