General Description

PHLOJEL® is an effective alternative to PHLOJEL® Ultra for difficult compounding.  PHLOJEL® is  an effective means of delivering certain types of medications through the skin. The medication is incorporated in PHLOJEL® usually by a pharmacist for a patient who has been prescribed the medication by a physician. PHLOJEL® is prepared from PHLOJEL® Hydrophilic and PHLOJEL® Organic in a 3:1 ratio to form a gel. When a drug is to be incorporated, it is added to the PHLOJEL® Organic in a mortar followed by PHLOJEL® Hydrophilic.  Alternatively, the drug can be incorporated in PHLOJEL® PM, which is a pre-mixed product of PHLOJEL®.

Preparing Topically-active Creams

Firstly, compounding with PHLOJEL® requires trituration of the drug in PHLOJEL® Organic in the mortar followed by the addition of PHLOJEL® Hydrophilic, previously cooled below 10°C, and vigorously triturated until a uniform gel has formed.

Alternatively, PHLOJEL® PM can be used to levigate the drug in either a mortar or on a glass slab followed by dilution of the homogeneously prepared nucleus with remaining PHLOJEL® PM. In the case of a highly crystalline substance (e.g. ketoprofen),  a small amount of levigating agent, such as alcohol or propylene glycol, added to the powder and levigated, will facilitate the production of a grit-free cream. PHLOJEL® PM is recommended in cases of drug combinations, and for drugs that pose a problem of gelation using the conventional approach.


– Compatible with a wide range of drugs and concentrations

– Clinically proven to deliver drugs to local and systemic sites of action

– Relative ease of compounding

– Avoids problems associated with absorption via the gastrointestinal tract

– Long shelf-life