Phlojel Ultra Performance

PHLOJEL® Ultra  compounded with drugs rapidly penetrate the skin leaving no residue (except possibly when the drug content is high) or greasy feeling. After a few applications, and sometimes within a few minutes, the effects of the drug are felt by the patient.  When high local tissue concentrations of drug are required, low blood levels are obtained [see graph below].



A  human clinical study (10 healthy volunteers) demonstrated equal to  superior transdermal delivery of diclofenac with PHLOJEL® Ultra  when  compared to a conventional Pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO).

Note that after 2% diclofenac sodium administration, plasma levels  ranged from 5-15 ng/ml only and were approximately constant over an 8-h  period.

When low blood levels of hormones are required, the blood is gradually infused with drug from lecithin depots located beneath the epidermis provided by the PHLOJEL® Ultra composition.